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Claire’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 09 Dec 2007

Mapsorry i've been rubbish at updating you all on what i'm doing, it's largely cause i'm just plodding along doing the same old stuff, still working away at the ice cream shop, although not sure how much longer that's going to last... it's 40 degrees in that shop and that just makes me grumpy so we'll see, also dull stuff with management changing so we'll see how that goes.

it's damn sunny down here, i know you really didn't want to hear that but hey it's true, i've got some rather painful sunburn on my back, but appart from that i've been pretty sensible in the sun, so nice but so not chirstmasy!

other than that actually there has been quite a few changes largely that a number of my good friends have headed off, always slightly strange esepcially when it was the two girls i spend just about 24/7 with over the past month, but onwards and upwards, and there's still lots of friends in town, most of whom have decided they now have to look after me cause my little trio has despanded, so i'm more popular than ever!!

still not 100% sure what i'll be doing for my birthday and christmas, i know it'll be different though!

i promise to be better at updating you and will put up photos soon!!!!

lots of love