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Claire’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 22 Dec 2007

Mapwell what news do i have to report....

i think i've not updated you on my new job yet, well i've started working on the reception of the hostel i've been staying in, i've been being trained up this week, its been good fun, lots to learn but i think i'll enjoy it which is always good! does mean i'll be in queenstown a little longer so plans are a changing to what i'm not sure, i'll keep you updated.

christmas and my birthday have appeared at a crazily fast rate and i have no idea what i'm going to do for my birthday, i feel i'm in queenstown and there's so much to do i should do something but i've no idea what... i'm sure i'll find something to occupy myself. then christmas day unfortuantly cause i'm the new girl i'll be sat behind the reception desk, thankfully we won't be that busy and there's a christmas dinner going on so i should get some of that and my lovely friends can all come visit me. what might be less fun is that i'm working at 6am on new years day... at the moment popular opinion is that it might just be easier to not go to bed and see what happens but we'll have to see, i think a lot of coffee might be required.

i've been on a few wee walks over the past few days, seeing more of what new zealand has to offer in the way of forrests and waterfalls which has been good, with that and my two jobs i've been keeping myself rather busy but all in all life is good.

really not in the christmas spirit, or more i don't actually believe chirstmas is in about 3 days, i think they're just pretending, with all the sunshine and fake snow it just doesn't seem right, i'm at the moment listening to some christmas carols which is helping but the fact that i'm in croped trousers, flip flops and a vest top is again making me feel like i'm playing at it being christmas...

As i'm not so good at updating this all the time i doubt i'll be back on to update this before chirstmas so i hope you all have a great one, and appreciate it being chilly its how it should be! although don't get me wrong, its going to be great fun going down to the lake and sitting in the sunshine on christmas day, just rather different.

i hope santa's good to you and hopefully i'll hear from you all soon,
lots of love,