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Claire’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 01 Jan 2008

Location: New Zealand

MapHAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! and a belated merry christmas to you all!

I am at the moment sitting at work on new years day, having started at 6am, i decided against staying up all night and had about 3 hours sleep in the end, i think they helped but i think my body would have liked a few more. It is quite funny watching people still stumbling back in, and others running for the buses with a confused and paniced expression across their faces.

how was christmas? for me it was good but oh so very odd. my birthday was a fantastically sunny day, a large portion of which i did spend spend in bed, i don't get many days off at the moment and that was one of them so i took full advnatage. then we went down to the lake and enjoyed the sunshine, i was sitting outside in a vest top on my birthday, crazy madness i tell you!! christmas day however wasn't quite so nice weather wise, but a good day regardless. I was working for most of it but managed to get myself a nice big free christmas dinner from the party that was going on in the bar, then i got to sit on santas knee and got myself a wee pressie, good times.

between christmas and new year i've largely been working every day and being woken up at night by the guys in my room, but one of the distinct advantages of being a member of staff is when there's a free room i can move in for the night and actually get a nights sleep!!! never under estimate the joys of a quiet room, although i have to admit i woke up in the night very confused as to where everyone had gone.

and now it's 2008 and i have further idea of whats going on than i did yesterday, but hey what's new there!?!?

Hope you all had a great time over christmas and new year!!
lots of love,