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Claire’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 26 Jan 2008

Location: New Zealand

MapHi All!!!
Sorry i'm rubbish and haven't updated this in ages! its' the problem when you work and life's rather normal there's not all that much to report.
i'm really enjoying my reception job and if my drunken boss is to be believed aparently i'm doing well and a natural at it which is always nice to hear. working rather a lot but keeps me out of trouble, well most of the time anyway... :o)
what else, oh yeah i had a fantastic few days up north visiting my family a couple of weeks back, aunty fee fee and the love branch of the family are over for a 3 week holiday visiting the stewarts in the north island. so i had a lovely few days in the sunshine playing in roberts new boat on lake taupo, which was surprisingly warmer than i expected, always good when you fall off the inflatable doughnut into the lake when your wee cousin comes flying towards you! all in all it was a great wee holiday, slightly odd going on holiday from my holiday but was nice to get out the hostel for a few days and enjoy the sunshine.
now i'm back to work and reality, a fun reality though so i'm not complaining.
hope all's good at home and away!