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Claire’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 26 Feb 2008

MapAs i promised you dear daddio i've put up some photos for you to look at :o) some should please fiona too, others she might not be quite so please with...

wee update for you too, well i'm still working away on reception at my hostel in queenstown, loving it and wishing i could bring my job home with me but alas no doubt i'll have to go back into some fabulous rubbish temping job, argh! not for a good few months though so we're not going to think about that one! and just os you know questions along the lines of 'what are you going to to next?' will not be taken well so possibly best keep those ones to yourselves :o) not much earthshattering news here, life goes on as normal, great fun and good people though so i'm not complaining, except parhaps about the brazillians in my room but thats another matter.

since i last updated this (yes a while ago i realise) i've been up to the north island to have a lovely wee holiday with the stewarts and the loves, a family holiday on the other side of the world, not bad! we had fantastic weather in taupo, spent a good chunk of time in or on the lake, thanks to roberts new boat. and a few of them decided it would be fun to fall through the sky after launching themselves out of a lovely wee pink airoplane, i was so tempted to go with them but the noise of the cash regester put me off, perhaps one more leap of faith before i leave this land.... all in all it was a great few days and lovely to get away from queenstown although i did hear myself repeatedly refering to here as home which was a little odd. it would apear after i left them things didn't go so well for fiona but thankfully she appears to be on the meand now and enjoyed some first class treatment in the meantime. if you ever get the chance when down in this neck of the woods fly in or out of queenstown airport, its stunning and people pay $100's just to do senic flights from here so you might as well be coming or going from somewhere.

since then lifes been pretting day to day, good fun, few more friendly faces coming and going but such is the way in places like these. me and my friend sirji took ourselves off on a wee holiday last night to a place called arrowtown, it's about 20minutes away but so differnt from queenstown, stayed in a lovely wee hostel and had a really nice relaxing evening away from the business of queenstown and work, only away for about a total of 15 hours but great fun and well worth our mini trip.

so that's about me, not all that much to update you on really... i'm here for another 7 weeks working away then i begin my long journey home (which should take me about a month and a half) so should be seeing you all in June time (slightly depending wher eyou are but that's when i'll be homewardbound) then who knows... and remember i have no plans, no ideas so no real need for you to ask! ;o)