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Claire’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 19 Apr 2008

Mapwell seeing as i forgot i had this site i'm guessing most other people had fogotten too but here's a quick update just incase anyone's still checking in.

i've now left queenstown, was really strange leaving after 6 months, especially cause it's such a small town so going from a small familiar place where you know everyone to big bad cities (well places with traffic lights) was really strange. i'm just about used to being away from there now but still miss the place, great fun and beautiful, if you're ever down here i highly recommend a visit!

at the moment i'm staying up with susan and robert for a few days before going on a mini road trip with gillian and then flying out. will be very strange leaving new zealand after its been home for about 10 months, but all good things come to an end and no doubt i'll be back at somepoint.

still a few stops to make on the way home, just over a week in oz and i have to somehow work out how to cross the country and then 3 weeks travelling from singapore to bangkok and then as crazy as it seems to me i'm coming home! i feel like i left about 3 weeks ago, there's surely no way an entire year has gone by but somehow it has so those of you in the scottish part of the world, i'll be seeing you soon!!