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Claire’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 06 May 2008

Location: Australia

Mapwell well well,

once again i'm not sure what i last wrote and i think other than mole and possibly my lovely parents i doubt anybody's still checking this but i thought i'd give those few of you that might be taking a peak a wee update.

i've now left new zealand, which was a very sad day, still in shock i think a bit, not sure if i'm more homesick for there or home... but don't worry i'm still returning to caledonia i haven't changed my flights to take me back in the opposite direction. had a great last few weeks in new zealand, catching up with people, said my goodbyes to the stewarts for now, explored the east cape with gillian, so nice to catch up with her and its so beautiful round there! then had a great last few days in auckland, catching up with old friends, ahh good times, definatly had a good last few send offs! gonna miss that place.

i'm travelling up a bit of the east coast of oz at the moment, lovely and sunny and i've been enjoying a few days on the beach, well what else is a girl to do in the sunshine when the beach is just there saying 'join me, join me!'. but not only have i sat on a the beach but also i went on a weekend surf camp, i know what was i thinking!??! well largely it was good to get out of sydney and spend a few days in a really nice wee beach house on a quiet beach. i did through some miraculous mistake in the universe i think manage to stand on the surf board, with quite a bit of help from our two instructors (we rather lucked out usually there's groups of up to 50 with about 8 people to an instructor, we had 7 people and 2 instructors) i was by far the worst of our group, to be fair a couple of the girls had done it before (owned their own surf boards and wet suits) but still were in need of some help and the guys well they were just better than me! but i did mean everyone was very excited when i finally managed to get up, see if you hold off it makes the instructors really feel like they've helped you, if i'd stood up straight away they wouldn't have had the satisfaction of helping me! was a good but very tiring weekend.

i then had a couple of lazy days in byron and now i'm slightly further up the coast for more of the same, no complaints here! although it is slightly strange not knowing anybody in this country, turns out i knew just about everyone in new zealand, well maybe not everybody but quite a few of them. although i might be meeting up with a friend in perth which would be great, alhtough i'm not sure if i have a way of contacting her which could make things a little more tricky, oh well we'll see what happens.

not really much more to report, just over 3 weeks till home time!!