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Claire’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 May 2008

Location: Malaysia

Mapjust a quick one!

I'm in Asia now, Malaysia to be more exact and it's blooming hot!!! so humid as well so i can't move without sweating, and this computer isn't letting me see the words as I'm typing so any typos i apologise but I'm writing blind. up in the Cameron highlands at the moment and it's slightly cooler which is nice, went to see some people picking tea this morning, they make about 10 pounds a day and thats for picking about 300kg's of tea. off up towards some beaches tomorrow, can't wait!!! and Thailand in a couple of days. so far I've been good and not spending too much money, but not sure that'll continue once i get to bangkok...

right i really should be doing some slight seeing or something, especially as it's not too hot and i can actually spend time outside, my Scottish self really isn't used to this kind of heat and humidity!!

see you soon,