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Claire’s Travel Diary

Monday, 16 Mar 2009

Location: New Zealand

MapNow i've left Hong Kong and returned to my second home, good old aoteoroa! I had a great time in Hong Kong, got myself a good mixture of city life and also spent a day on one of the quieter islands Lama where there are no cars and not that many people, a stark contrast to life on Hong Kong's bigger islands.
I also decided to go and visit one of HK's biggest tourist attractions, the Big Buddha, which i think is the biggest seated bronze buddha in the world, or asia or hong kong or something, the biggest something anyway. so got the ferry over to lautua island then the bus up the hill towards the buddha. as we got further up the hill the wind seemed to be picking up and the cloud seemed somewhat closer than it had been earlier, reglardess we kept on up the hill. as we seemed to be nearing the top the cloud had decided to come all the way down to greet us,when the bus finally stopped we ventured out in search of this buddha which was actually much harder than i'd orginially thought because all the signs pointing the way had hidden behind the clouds. i finally made it to the bottom of the stairs heading up to the buddha, looked up and what did i see... clouds, clouds and more clouds, some of which accompanies by rain, proper horizontal rain! made me feel right at home! the buddha did begin to emerge as i got further up the steps, waving at me through the clouds. regarldess i'd say it was worth the trip even if the only way i could find my way back to the bus was to follow the bus noise through the clouds.
The next day, my last in HK gave me just about as sunny day as you can get there so i headed up the tram to the peak to take in the views, it is really a stunning place, stupidly massive towerblocks surrounded by impressive and steep peaks, surrounded by the sea, also a very strange place for exactly the same reasons.
As i said i'm now back in new zealand, another good flight over, a tip for any long legged folk planning to do long haul flights, airnewzealand definately have more leg room than qantas, i call fully streach out as planes go is a comfy one! despite this i din't manage to get any sleep on my flight so between that and staying up till nz bed time i was awake for about 30 hours yesterday or the day before or whenever it was! i'm heading back down to queenstown today to catch up with some friends after a night with a friend in auckland, and am currently sitting outside in the sunshine down by the harbour in auckland having a coffee, it's a tough old life eh?
lots of love,