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Claire’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 05 Apr 2009

Location: Australia

MapHey Folks,
I'm now safely in oz and after one day of stupidly hot sunshine it's become rather chilly, obviously not in terms of home but enough for me to be thinking long trousers and a hoodie, quite a dramatic change from the day i arrived and thought there was a very high possibility i might melt! i'll be back to melting soon as i'm heading north next weekend up through the middle to see that big rock they have then up to darwin, the plan is then to fly down to perth and then who knows.... not all that much to report from melbourne, not been up to that much really, sorting myself out and the like, the comedy festivals on at the moment so hopefully i'll catch some of that before i go and i've managed to catch up with a friend whose over here too which is always nice! for those of you who are interested i have myself a new phone number which is... +61414103500 other than that i'm doing well and hope you are too!