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Claire’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 30 Apr 2009

Location: Australia

MapHey guys,
It's been a busy few weeks for me over here, i'm currently in perth but have spent the past 18 days on a trip from melbourne (right at the bottom of oz for those of you that are geographically challenged) all the way up to Darwin (right at the top) going through various little places, national parks and different mountain ranges as well as stopping off in the middle to see that big rock everyone makes such a fuss about! it's been great, knackering but great, been up at 5am most mornings and spent a lot of time sitting on a bus on stupidly straight road, something you don't get much of in our fair homeland! but i loved it! met some great people and i've seen some amazing things. far too much for me to remember any of it just about right now, i need to sit and go through my photos and try and remember what i've done. i was on a tour which had a good mixture of hikes, swimming stops, history and culture and a few too many mozzies for my liking! for any of you coming to oz i really recommend going through the middle, the idea of the long drives is so much worse than the reality, not sure how much i'd have enjoyed actually driving it but being a passanger was great. i'll add photos and tell you more soon but just thought i'd check in and let any of you that are still reading this know what i've been up to.
and the next step... well as i said i'm in perth and at somepoint my plan had been to try and find work here, stay with my friend for a bit then see what happened, but as plans do that's all changed, i'm now in perth for just a few days then back up to darwin to then go back down to alice (yes once again the most stupid travel route i could think of!) where i'll be starting work as a host on 3 day bus tours round the rock, which basically means that for those who are willing to pay more money i will cook for them and make thier beds, hopefully it'll be good fun and will get some much needed money coming in! one of the main advantages being it's pretty hard to spend money when you're out in the outback 6 days a week! so that's my latest news, currently still enjoying the sunshine not sure how much longer that'll last though, hope you're all well, i'll be in touch again soon,