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Claire’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Mapwell about time for another update i think.... not sure if any of you are still reading this but on the off chance here you are.

i moved back to alice springs, or 'the alice' as it is often refered to about 3 weeks ago and have been working away ever since, mainly doing my hostie work but other bits and bobs along the way to keep me busy, tomorrow i'm heading out to one of the perminant camp sites to do some cleaning cause we're pretty quiet tour wise so they're keeping us all busy, good on the money side anyway!! the jobs going really well, really not difficult and its always a bit different, the people i'm working with are great, so welcoming and helpful so all in all life's good. also ive just moved into a nice wee house, gone from sharing a 3 bed place with 7 others, 3 of which in my room to a 2 bed place with just two of us and my own room with my own big bed so i'm a happy lady, especially as it's all the same price!! so if any of you want to come and visit i've got a place for you to stay!!!!

other than that lifes just plodding along, i don't tend to know what's going on from one day to the next, it's all very last minute with what tours go out depending on what people book and that can be all rather last minute.

so that's pretty much what i'm up to, loving alice and the surrounding area, will get some pics up soon!

lots of love,