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Biddles’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 07 Jun 2007

Location: At Sea, France

Mapwe are currently enjoying a relaxing day at sea after 3 flights 2 bus transfers and 32hrs travel in total. Flights were good and we managed to get about 6 hrs sleep on the Singapore to Paris leg (Never thought i could sleep on a plane).

Flying into Barcelona was amazing, a dense city in the hills right on the ocean. After checking into the boat we shared a cab with some americans into town and went to Las Rambla.

There were small laneways everwhere with shops and hole in the wall bars, just an 8ft opening with a couple of stools on the street for you to drink at. We went into a bar that was 200yrs old and had sangria, they cook everything without electricity (all wood fired) The local markets were incredible with the freshest vegetables, seafood and meat you have ever seen, they also have these sqaure bars with stools all the way around, i could do the grocery shopping here myself!

Our ship is called Millenium and its incredible with bars, nightclubs and casinos. Seems to be a lot of bars everywhere so maybe thats why i like Europe, we have had champagne and beers all the time but sometimes i realise with the time zones we are drinking at 6am (Oh well).

The weather for our first day at sea has to be seen to be beleived, the whole area is glassed out, Sylvia is Shopping and i am off to the casino.

Ciao baby

Luv Rick & Syl