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Biddles’s Travel Diary

Friday, 08 Jun 2007

Location: ville-franche, France

MapHi everyone, not sure if many of our emails got through the first time as the ship internet is a bit dodgy.

I will go to an internet cafe tommorow to place some pics for you to see just how great it is here.

Today we went to Ville-franche and walked 1400 year old cobblestone streets.

Then it was off to Eze for lunch on the cliff, 500 metres straight up from the ocean. From there we went to Monaco and Monte Carlo, not that special really just every second person drives a Ferrari and it has the dearest land in the world, sixty million for a 1000sqm block and you never have to pay tax again!

Really tired now after a 12 hour day so i'm going to have a beer and some dinner.


Luv Rick & Syl