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Biddles’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 13 Jun 2007

Location: SANTORINI, Greece

MapSantorini Arrival 7.00 am. 7.30 am we embark on an old sailing vessel and motor to the crater of an active volcano climb up the crater.We then walk back down and borad the sailing boat and head for the warm springs.Jump off the boat into the ocean and swim to warm bubbling springs.
After our swim we motored back to Santorini where we took a Donkey ride up to Fira.IRicks donkey took off and started biting him. Lots of fun. It was kaos as people were trying to come down the mountain and donkeys out of control.
Once we reached the top we got our bearings then caught the bus to IOR .When we got there we walked the streets .This is where the white washed houses with blue domed roofs are."Picture perfect" Lunch was rissotto with wild mushrooms and truffles,local beer and red wine.Overlooking the bay.Cant get any better.
After lunch caught the bus back to Fira then cable car to the Millenium (boat)
It was Greek night on the ship.I was so exhausted I fell asleep in the cabin and missed the legendary Santorini sunset.Rick was partying.
Oh well I'll have to come back just to see the sunset.