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Biddles’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 21 Jun 2007

Location: Duga Resa, Croatia

MapMade an early start to get here as it is where Sylvia's dad was born, a step back in time as the place where her dad was born still stands and belongs to her if she wanted to claim it.

The whole area is full of her relatives who have lived there all their lives, all three way streets have crosses in the middle to ward off witches.

We were able to visit the graves of Syl's dad's brothers who were shot while he watched from the woods during WW2, the history and the way everything is almost exactly the same made for a very emotional day especially for Syl.

We had a great lunch with her cousin Josip and his family (they were so freindly although they don't speak english and i don't speak croation) who had shown us around and we were going to stay the night with them but unfortunately ther was a mix up with our flights so we had to go to Zagreb that night to sort things out.