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Petey’s Travel Diary

Monday, 19 Nov 2007

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Mapwell sorry i havn't written in a while...
few things to inform you of...
first of all on thursday night at training the firsts coach told me i was playing 3rd grade... yes pretty pissed off!! but i asked him why and he said that they need to stck 3rds and firsts because they both really needed win on the weekend (they did and i scored... AGAIN, thats 5 now).... but im really over it thought, because im sick of being yo-yoed through the grades, especially after the coach has told me im his first choice hooker!!! so now im looking seriously at other options (maybe ski season, another club, or work in a random town in the interior, or i could just stay here and put up with it)... not sure yet!!
i had a good weekend though, i stayed in on saturday, and brewed beer on sunday in a brew it yourself place. pretty cool and it cuts cost on beer come christmas and new years... and it was bloody fun!!
this afternoon im going to a temping agency interview. tomorrow is my birthday but it my birthday today at home... but tomorrow minty is cooking me lasagna for my birthday!!!!
other then that not much else to say... ive just been on the job hunt during the day and fighting crime at night, so yeah
love ya gutz