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Petey’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 21 Nov 2007

Location: Vancouver, Canada

it was my birthday yesterday!!! and it was Richards too!! happy birthday rich!!!
i didn't do anything to exciting but i did have a good time!!
first i did my washing!!! then a chick mate of mine called me up and asked me if i wanted to do lunch, so i did. so i hanged around in a bar and grill drinking coke and eating burgers!
i had training that night when i got the call up to 2ND GRADE!!! oooo big deal i know!!! WANKERS!!!
after that i went dowm to the poms and had my lasagna, which was awesome and they bought me a tube of Vegemite for my birthday!!!! i would have to be one of the coolest presents ive had!!! my whole childhood in a tube!! the poms couldn't understand why i was so excited even after i tried to explain to them how much it means to an Australian!!
all and all it was a very fun birthday!!
ill try and put up some photos
love ya all and thanks for remembering me