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Petey’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 04 Dec 2007

Location: Lake Louise, Canada

MapHELLO ALL!!! very sorry i havnt posted in a while but ive had not e-net access.
well soooooo, im in lake louise with mitch and woody, i got here on thursday night and started looking for a job. now ive got one in a bakery, just serving... the pay is 10 and hr, and rent is 10 a night. its a pretty good place but i dont get a free lift pass with the job, so im hopeing somthing else comes up on the mountain.... it all very much in the air at the moment, so ill tell you more when i find out more....
lake louise is really pretty, the place is full of mountains, and is covered in snow. is bloody cold too!!! the other day it was -35 today it is -5 but thats because we have had alot of cloud cover, and the clouds keep the heat in.... ive met some really nice people... all BLOODY AUSSIES!!!! but really nice just the same... the place is full of french canadians and aussies, but im not planing on staying much longer then 2 months anyway so im not too worried.....
thats really about all, im just working and trying to save up enough to learn to ski and if somthing else better comes up ill run with it, that my new outlook on the canadian experience.
oh blake th pom gave me a set of ski's for free too, he got a couple of pairs of a rich dude chucking them out so he gave me a pair... they are about 7 years old but bairly used so im pretty happy about that.....
until somthing new happens, love yas all heaps and slip slop slap
pete xoxoxox