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Petey’s Travel Diary

Friday, 28 Dec 2007

Location: Canada

Mapthanks everyone for letting me know you all are shiting like no tomorrow.
yesterday me and mitch decided to swap my ski's for his board... and wow!! i hurt myself more in 1 hour of snow boarding then my whole time sking!!! i gave up not long after that and we swaped back... im really feeling it now, my arse feels like ive been melesterd, and i thought i broke a rib!!! i have alot of respect for boarders! mitch picked up sking ok, but he is no pete ballard!!!
christmas was good, me and all the people mitch lives with decided to do a massive christmas dinner. must say i cant carve turkey, but i gave it a red hot crack!!! really nice dinner, i supplied desert from the bakery (dont tell to many people about that!)... it was no ballard christmas, with shit and vomet flying every where, which made me not miss home as much. but i still whish i was home for chrissy. missed home alot that day!!
other then that work has been busy because of christmas. and me and my mate are doing up another batch of pies tonight, so ill let you now how it goes...