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Petey’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 Jan 2008

Location: Lake Louise, Canada

Mapok i have new and official plans....
me mitch and woody are heading to edminton on the 28th of jan.... we are going to saty there a week with a chick we met up here at lake louise, she is this mad chick that woody got chatting to when she was on a holiday and she became our besty in no time!!! she wanted us to come up and she wants to show us the sights and a good time aswell!!!! unless we fall in love with edminton, we are going to go to vancouver island to try and find a job for about 2 months, and save up so we can see a few other citys like montreal and ottawa and maybe halifax!! but if edminton is good we might get work there instead. we were going to go to ottawa and do all this, but it is exspensive to live there and there are not many jobs. so we figure we will go to where the work is and save up to travel instead of spend money to work. we wish we could go further east but the further east you go, the less chance you will find a job. so we will travel east instead. but we are deffinately going to visit edminton!!!
the cool thing about vancouver island is that they have rugby, so we are thinking about joining a club over there, and they play in the same comp i was playing in before. so i might get to play my old team.
thats about it for the moment, ill keep yas up to date as we know more...
love yas pete xxoo