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Petey’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 29 Jan 2008

Location: Edmoton, Canada

Maphello all.....
me and the boys headed off yesterday to edmonton... the trip was about 7-8 hours but it didnt seem to long. we were all very keen to leave. the bus went via calgary but it only stopped long enough to change buses and off to edmonton....
we got picked up by erin (the girl we are staying with) and we havnt done anything yet.... BUT!!!!!!! at the moment it is a lazy
-40!!!!!! and a wind chill of -54 WOW!!!! and last night it was actually -54!!!! so i dont know the wind chill after that!!!!!! its cold enough to freeze any thing within minutes!!! the news is saying keep you pets indoor, and it said it is cold ebough to give you frost bite in minutes.......
but like typical aussies we have decided to go to a indoor water park in the biggest shopping mall in the world, which has theam parks and and motels and all sorts of stuff!!! should be good.
ill be meeting up with jake cranston tonight and tomorrow, because we are going to eat at the bar and grill he works at.... so that should be fun too, and he is getting a party organised for us for this weekend....
looking forward to this week and me and the boys are having a good laugh!!
love yas all and miss yas all alot
love pete xoxoxox
ps welcome to the world my newest nephew, lewis harvey lindsey!!!