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Marsie’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 19 Apr 2007

Location: London, England

MapNice flip flops & London life

What a busy week this first week in London has been! I'm staying in Dalston, da hood, at the moment. Lucy calls it 'the ghetto' but I feel safe for the most part..during the day. Nah, it's not so bad although the screaming police cars remind me of staying on Oxford St in Sydney. A city is a city anywhere. Cat, Arthur and Lucy have been fantastic in helping me find my feet and push through the jet lag. I'll be moving soon though with Lucy and Jess to a lovely little flat in Islington. We have the penthouse overlooking a park with tennis courts. Did I mention there's two pubs? One at each end of the street? It's really lovely and I'm looking forward to the football. Our closest tube is Arsenal, and those kids are a little crazy, so go with the flow I say... Better than getting bashed for wearing the wrong colours anyway...

Being unemployed is busy!! So far I've got a new mobile, met with a heap of recruitment agencies and seen a bunch of dodgy flats. I've also opened a bank account. This is notoriously hard, but I found it easy. The secret is to have an address and be convincing. Sure, I'm only here for two more days and am hoping they don't post me anything else (I received a credit card today - not bad hey?). They better keep the rest at the branch! The balance is nil anyway. Which is interesting as I had to put my bank account on the rental form. Hmm, there might be some delays there...

I've also had an interview with an employer. I have a second interview with them and will have to do a presentation. Should be fun considering it's supposed to be when I'm in Turkey so it'll be via phone maybe this week instead. I had a good feeling about the place, nice people. Actually heading out of that place on Argyle St I thought I was being mugged. Instead I was 'officially scouted'. This guy asks if I want to make some extra money, has a chat and gives me his casting scout card. He's taken my details and my mug shot and will call. The website looks legit enough. New country, new possibilities? I've been offered a job as a cocktail waitress in Covent Garden if all else fails. Not sure how drinking them makes you able to make them but how hard could it be?

The weather has been warm - they say it's 15 degrees above the average. It's funny as we went to the park on Sunday for a picnic and a few lazy wines and there were people in bikinis, boardies and one who'd stripped to her underwear. They go nuts for any sun here. The pasty white skin was more blinding than the rays.

The other thing here is the coffee. Now Heidi, I joke at home about your morning dose in the 'soup toureen' but seriously, that's what my 'medium' coffee was in. This place served it in soup bowls.