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Marsie’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 27 Feb 2008

Location: London, England

MapI've just returned from a lovely month in Australia. I love that place.

I crammed quite a bit in kicking off with Jules and Anth's wedding. A hens night and a trip to Eden with around 40 of the guests were also part of the celebrations. It was like a school camp with some of my favourite people - including singing by the campfire, tobogganing down the mountain on beer cartons (which became more dangerous when Anth lit sparklers in the grass which you had to toboggan through), bocce and even pasta making.

Spending time at home went way too fast. But I got some quality time with family and saw friends out. I also took my bros ice skating. We gained the attention of the little kids, who loved coming up to us and giving us pointers. I found out later the little girl is Mum's next door neighbour. One little boy was delighted to lap me. He didn't seem to understand that it doesn't count when either of us aren't actually on the ice. If he's outside eating an ice cream or I'm changing my shoes, it doesn't count. I started to test him on his times tables to shut him up. I think Michael's tactic worked the best - skating behind him and growling with his arms outstretched.

Spending time with all the Nonni was great too. From the singing, the joking and the wise words, "when I heard he did that, I said bugger him and bugger his country too!"

Hanging out with Mum and downloading Italian music from the 60s and forcing Teresa to listen to it on the way to work was gold. It's a new tradition.

I squeezed in a couple of days in Brissy also which was relaxed and oh so warm. I caught the Andy Warhol exhibition, caught a couple of ferries, checked out Southbank and lapped up the sun.

I truely love Australia. The easy lifestyle, the bush and the sounds of summer. Ciccadas in the grass, cockatoos in the morning and lawnmowers in the afternoon.

I was sad to be leaving knowing I was heading back to winter and given one of the last things I saw before leaving London was pigeons picking through a pool of vomit. And you know how much I love pigeons. But the days are getting longer and I'm trip planning.

Just an aside, I felt the earthquake last night. The epicentre was in Licolnshire. I was reading in bed when I noticed my book was wavering. I wasn't remotely tired (good old jet lag) and I thought it was a draft coming through the inch slit at the top of my window (great place huh?). But then my bed started to vibrate. Not knowing what it was, at first I thought I was getting dizzy. But the bed was definately moving. After maybe 10 seconds it stopped.

I was awake till about 5am due to jet lag. So tonight decided to buy steak to boost my iron. But apparently I can't read when I'm tired. For those that don't like pork, it tastes inoffensive when cooked like a steak with mushrooms and baked veggies. I probably wouldn't have noticed if Lucy hadn't asked why it was white.