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Marsie’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 22 Apr 2008

Location: North of the river, England

MapItís been a busy few weeks. Iíve also managed to give myself whiplash due to an alcohol related injury. I was at Kajsaís and her flat mate spilt a tray of bailey shots. Iím not sure if I was walking past or dancing through, but I slipped and landed in it. I went down hitting my ass, back and head and Mel thought I was concussed. My bum and beneath my shoulder blades were aching for the week, along with my neck. Baileys really stinks when youíre coated in it from head to toe.

My job has been keeping me entertained. Thereís been more social events like our planning event at the Dali Universe, followed by a speed boat ride on the Thames and then dinner. Nursing hangovers the following day is completely fine here.

Work has also taken me to the races at the Royal Windsor racecourse. My boss had a spare ticket in the corporate box so I joined in the drinks, surf and turf, and was £30 up at the end of the day.

This week Iím saying goodbye to Islington in North London. I currently live on the border of Highbury and Stoke Newington. Iíll miss Stoke Newington Church Street, which is a cool little area. But on the other hand, weíre just up from Hackney, which as my Dr informed me, has the highest incidence of TB in all of Europe!  Iím now immunised.

Our little household is moving on. Tired of her job, Lucy quit and threw her future to fate. She found a job in a boarding school in Oxford with Jess. Lucas, my other flat mate is also moving due to work - to Dubai. It would be hard to find better housemates but Iím excited about leaving the pigeon breeding ground and Japanese torture device known as our shower. Or maybe itís more Swiss, with itís 20 seconds of scalding and 20 seconds of freezing alternating water.

House hunting in London has an emphasis on the Ďhuntingí with places filled in moments. And then thereís the sifting of the dickheads. For example, the girl who arranged for me to see her place on Sunday afternoon. She left me waiting with her flat mate for an hour while she went shopping. She finally arrived but was more interested in making herself a sandwich. Even her flat mates were confused. After a brief chat she said it would be good for me to meet their other flat mate, and heíd be home in about half an hour. There was no way I wanted to live in this converted, dodgy flat with an insecure, pain in the ass, inconsiderate girl, so I said Iíd been there long enough. Time wasters.

I decided to take a place in Clapham, Sarf London. The house needs a bit of love, but the itís spacious and the guys are chilled and super nice. Both are 30, one from Kent and works in emergency services and the other is from Adelaide and is an industrial designer.