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Gnomey’s Travel Diary

Monday, 25 Jun 2007

Location: Gadalming / London / Henley, England

MapWell - where to start. Tina woke up sore and stiff and could barely walk. Fran was like a Cheshire Cat as normally (as we all know) it's Tina who leads the way. Fran - be warned Tina is already plotting her revenge for when you come to Australia!

We had an early start - well early for holidays. Breakfast with the Scotts then off to London for the day. We started with the changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace which is still a great spectical - lots of pomp and ceremony. We then headed into Covent Garden for lunch, then to Harrods (for Tina) and Hamleys (for the boys). The rain had let up by then so we decided to go to Wimbledon to watch some of the Chamionships before heading home. We walked straight in (after security where Sam was searched!). We had hoped to watch Alicia Molik play as she was on court three but the day was running so late that the game before hers had not finished. So we watched Haas demolish Fleishman in 3 sets. The atmosphere was great and the boys got a buzz out of being there. We then headed back to John and Fran's to pick up the car and headed off to Andrew and Bina Martin-Davis' house in Henley-on-Thames. Another beautiful house I might add. George Orwell lived here (in Andrew and Bina's house!) as a boy - so lots of history in a beautiful town.

We sat up drinking and talking (sic) with Andrew and Bina until 1:30am so it will be a late start tomorrow...

PS Our day could also have read: -
Car to Farncombe Station (thanks John)
Train to Waterloo Station
Tube to Westminster
Walk to Buckingham Castle
Taxi to Covent Garden
Tube to Harrods
Tube to Hamleys
Tube / Tube / Tube to Wimbledon
Taxi to Wimbledon Station
Train to Clapham Junction (no trains to Farncombe from Wimbledon Station)
Train to Waterloo (too late for trains from Clapham Junction)
Train to Farncombe Station
Car to Scott's house (thanks Fran)
Car to Martin-Davis' hous (thanks car bitch - she has really performed well so far, be interesting to see how she goes in Denmark)