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Gnomey’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 27 Jun 2007

Location: Chelmsford / Harwich, England

MapUp late for a light breaksfast then a catch up on family etc. before we went shopping and then off to lunch with Tina's relatives. Aunty Renne is now 87 but remarkable fit and completely alert and WOW what a memory! Met Dave (June partner) for the first time this trip and he's OK by me (handicap is 9).

Had a lovely lunch at a local pun and then it was off to Harwich t catch the "ferry" to Denmark...

Boarded the "ferry" safely and found our digs for the trip and we were delighted with the quality and size. We were all tired and so after leaving the port at Harwich we returned to our cabins to variously read / sleep / watch TV. Boys finally all went to sleep around midnight (again).