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Gnomey’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 30 Jun 2007

Location: Denmark

MapUp early (well 9 ish) for a huge breakfast and then it was time to pack up for the drive to Copehagen. Casper said this should take 3 hours but he neglected to factor in that today is the 1st day of school holidays and the flat tyre on his car and the thunder storms and the (yes!!!) hail - so 5 hours later we have arrived safely.

We did get to cross an 18klm long toll bridge (cost AUD 40 for the privelige).

We are now getting ready to go out and "party" with Mette and Casper and their friends and relatives. All the boys are going for a sleep over at Ole cousins house.

If time permits I will upload some photos tomorrow...

The party was great. Met all of the brothers and sisters still in Copenhagen and some of the close friends at Steen (Casper's brother) and Kim's house (another minnie mansion worth $ millions apparently). Quite a few of the eple we met had been to Australia and most are planning to return for further holidays.

We then went out for a traditional Danish dinner and returned to Steen's house tocontinue the party afterwards. Arrived home at about 2:00am (again).

The boys had a great time staying over with a bunch of Danish kids - reportedly language barrier wasnæt a problem...