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Gnomey’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 01 Jul 2007

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

MapUp early (8 ish). We then drove to the Royal Palace north of Copenhagen to have a look where Princess Isabella was to be christened today. Beautiful palace - surprisingly not too busy when we were there but looked to be expecting thousands. We then picked up fresh bread and coffee and went to have breakfast with Vibika (Casper's sister) and Fin who had looked after all the boys last night. Had a traditional Danish (continental) breakfast and then headed into Copenhagen for a day's sightseeing (and eating - the 5kgs bar was clearly set too low).

Had a beautiful drive along the foreshore and looked at the big old mansions (cheapest is a round AUD 4 million we were told) and on into Copenhagen past all of Caspers family's former houses and sports clubs etc... We could see Sweden and the bridge to Sweden during this drive (it was closer than Moreton Island is to Redcliffe). We then took the new tube into Copenhagen city, took a boat tour of the canals and port areas (wow). We then did lots of walking looking for lunch which turned out to be a special Danish hotdog that Mette recommended (it was good).

By this time we were all flagging so Mette made us climb up and down the tallest tower in Copenhagen to look at the view. This tower has no stairs as ít was built by King Christian the 4th (the one that lost Sweden and Norway) so he could ride up on a horse and cart. Interesting old toilet (now disused) - used to drop the droppings into a big bunker that was only emptied twice a century. Apparently had a few odor issues...

Home at Karen (Mette's sisters) and Kent's house in Copenhagen getting ready to go out (yet again) for dinner at Pia and Stig's house. Those of you who came to Xmas in July may remember them. Should be a quiet night as we have only bought 6 bottles of wine to take.

We head off to The Hague tomorrow (10 hour drive) and so we probably won't update this diary again until we get home as internet access will be a problem. From the Hague we head to Brugge (Belgium) and then to Paris before we fly home Thursday. We arrive at Brisbane Airport 10:45 pm on Friday night and I am (hopefully) playing the first round of the BIGC Club Championships at about 7:00 am on Saturday morning. Can't wait!