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Gnomey’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 04 Jul 2007

Location: Paris, France

MapA short but uneventful drive down to Paris ( about 3 hours) with the hightlight being a call home to find out the score in the 3rd State of Origin clash. We stayed in the Hotel Londres et New York which is in Paris' main "modern" shopping district - loads of malls and giant department stores. So we went shopping for some more souvenirs and then wandered back to the hotel. We had planned to dine in grand style for our last meal but we were still fairly tored from the 3 days of driving so we settled for a fairly simple meal at a small tavern. The waiter was pretty cool and perfromed a few magic tricks for the boys. I enjoyed my last beer of the trip, Tina and I had a champagne followed by a fairwell to Paris pastis or 2. The boys celebrated a great holiday with a shnady each and creme brulee and chocolate mousse...