Johnny Wolfe’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Sep 2007

Location: USA

MapHello Everybody,

I am back from my trip. I got to go to a lot of places up in the Northern part of the country. Things, in places, are different up there than they are around here. The trip was good and I got everything accomplished that I needed to. Getting back was a chore but I made it. Had to take a series of Helicopters (Blackhawks and Chinooks) but I'm back.

I hope that everyone doing ok. When I got back today I had a great surprise. I got an envelope full of letters from the St. Cyprian 4th graders. That is the school where our boys went when we lived out in California and we still keep in touch with a lot of the folks there. It was really nice to have the students write me. I now, however, have a lot of questions to answer. I will answer them and send them back. Thanks Kids!!!! It may take me a while to get back to you but I will write.

Please take care of yourselves and each other. As always, drop me a note when you can. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers.