Johnny Wolfe’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 20 Oct 2007

Location: USA

MapHello Everyone,

Today was quite a day. I got 8 packages from all of you. Thank you so much, everyone for the goodies. Everything, as usual, is great. You guys are making me quite popular over here with all of the good stuff. Folks know where to go if they get the munchies during the day!!!

Also, since my last blog entry, I have realized that things are even worse than I feared in SP23. I got a picture, actually a card, with one of the packages and I couldn't believe it. Bob and MAC now, will the madness ever stop. I have put this picture in the same location as the QMR picture. Check it out!!!

Anyway, things are good over here. Things continue to move forward on the projects I am working on. The weather is starting to cool down. Highs are now only around 90 degrees or so with the low around 70 degrees at night.

Take care of yourselves and each other. God bless all of you.