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Rickpops’s Travel Diary

Friday, 15 Jun 2007

Location: USA

MapFriday June 15:

Today was graduation day, turning in excess supplies, weapons that we will not take overseas...Our group of about 70 sailors is breaking up, about 25 are going to other bases for further training, so we have around 45 leaving with me for kuwait tomorrow.

We completed a survey and had a discussion with the army instructors on what was great about training, what could be better. Everyone one of the sailors said this is some of the best if not THE best training they ever received, and that is not a slight on any navy instructors. The drill sgts here were amazing, they have a great sense of humor and wonderful patience with the navy folkes coming thru here every two weeks. It is not easy to take us from Navy speak to Army speak in the matter of two weeks, some have a harder time with it, some have never fired a weapon before, but by the end of the two weeks we were all much smarter and much better able to handle ourselves overseas, and it really is a credit to those instructors...

Dinner was a little quiet tonight, i think we all realize we are leaving tomorrow, we wont be able to talk via phone or email for a couple weeks, and some for much longer...They have given us an unbelievable amount of equipment, enough to fill four of those large green "seabags" you see sailors/soldiers carrying around airports...I have no idea how we will carry four tomorrow, but I'm sure they will tell us....tonight is mainly finishing up laundry one last time, and then trying to fit all this stuff into four big bags!

The time does fly, i cant believe the two weeks are over already, i'm hoping that stays true for the next six months as well!!