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Rickpops’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Aug 2007

Location: USA

MapNot a whole lot of changes this week...Finding out a lot of guys here are from the DC area, we'll have an iraqi mob once i return..We are comparing restaurants etc. so that will be nice when i return..Still hot here but that will change soon, i see the weather really hasnt been much better stateside, so maybe i picked the right summer to do this.. Definately looking forward to next summer in DC, the new baseball field will be ready, the national convention center, and hopefully a water taxi from alexandria to go to both those places...Lots of talk about the september brief to congress, will be intersting to see how everything is taken..We had a movie night saturday night, 8 guys each brought a DVD, vote on which one to watch..Mine won, Lucky number slevin, great movie bruce willis, josh harnett, lucy lui, little long but overall good experience...Our senior enlisted advisor went down hard with kidney stones, we visited him last night, not looking too good..if the heat wasnt reason enough to drink lots of water out here, looking at him was...glad i stopped my diet coke drinking a few months ago...

Still plugging away at the job, i'm getting close to my halfway point...looking forward to getting home in the not too distant future...thank you for all the emails and thoughts,