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Rickpops’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 09 Sep 2007

Location: USA

MapI thought the Dejavu was bad out here, one day seeming to blend in to the next, but sunday morning was incredible. I'm eating my oatmeal, again in the dining facility, and I see the score of the Michigan Oregon game...lost again, and big time this time...Looks like my fears of missing the perfect season are over, now i just hope we can finally beat ohio state...I dont quite understand it, i guess it buys me some more sleep time, no sense in staying up late to watch the michigan game, although michigan ohio state will still be a stay up late night...Unbelieveable.

The walk in to work this morning was almost cool, we've had wind recently the last few days, causing dust/sandstorms which was kind of neat. The weather is so boring here, no clouds, just hot beating down sun, so even the dust storm was a nice change of pace. I do here it cools off a bit in the winter, and I'm hoping these winds are bringing some of those moderate temperatures with them.. Ever hopeful. The general is on six weeks leave, he's been in iraq 19 months, so his aide has more time on his hands. He's a michigan graduate and bigger football fan than i am. He's charted out four possible outcomes for this season and how each matches up with a previous michigan football season..I'm not going in to that right now, but one fact he did mention is Michigan hasnt won a game since Bo Schembelchler died..I dont know what we need to do to appease the ghost, but somebody better figure it out quick!

It is nice to have football here, great conversations around the water cooler. We've got a Georgia Fan who is licking his wounds this morning, and some others still strutting, but it is a nice time of year...Just not quite the same in a dusty enviornment with no trees...

Looking forward to next fall, thank you all again for the emails, see you soon,