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Rickpops’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 12 Sep 2007

Location: USA

MapSo...what did everyone think of the general this week????

I gotta tell you, I'll never be a general (or admiral as the case would be) We had a group here watching the first day of the testimony, he was so composed, sat forward in his chair, listened to these idiots say he was a great man, a great leader, but a puppet for the president...why not just call him a liar. But he sat there, hands clasped and face did not betray any emotions..I timed him, for FORTY minutes he sat there and listened, and had to be thinking to himself, why did i fly all this way to listen to these guys lecture me...but he sat there ever so composed...And finally it was ready for him to speak, and before he even endured the whole microphone fiasco, all I imaginged him saying to these windbags after listening patiently for FORTY minutes was......


I swear I wanted him to say that so bad...again, reason #83 why I wont be a flag...It was nice to see him up there, i was too tired to stay up for many of the questions, I think he represents us well, a very smart guy in a very tough position...I loved hearing the speaker cursing while his microphone was still on and the aide came over to turn it off...I loved the staff passing out slides after the briefing already started and of course loved the microphone being broken...Just gave me great excuses for when things go wrong as they normally do, "hey even a four star general on national TV has microphone problems.." Staff people everywhere were groaning!

Makes you wonder if congress cant get the damn mike to work on national tv, how do we expect them to fix Iraq? Just wondering..

Hope you all are enjoying the fall, see you soon,