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Rickpops’s Travel Diary

Friday, 14 Sep 2007

Location: USA


Had a good week this week...Recently I was brought in to help out with a program that assists Iraqi businesses reopen, these are the large state owned factories. The idea is if the big businesses open and start employing people, they arent hangin around street corners getting in Americans without jobs!

Anyway its a bit of a pain in the butt, really didnt need any more work to do and a lot of it is tedious and stupid, but one very good thing came out of it. I had to validate a list of material that the one factory needed, and set up a lunch to meet the person to discuss the list. I had an interpreter set up to go with me, but the person wasnt able to make it...I was upset, thought i'm not going to be able to understand the guy, not going to be a good meeting, get farther behind, etc. Turns out we did great!

The guy showed up, we talked for awhile, i bought him a burger and soda restaurant and we got thru just fine...We were talking afterwards, he was a little old guy, he had traveled 7 hours in a taxi, getting thru checkpoints to get to our meeting...We met for about an hour and he was going to have to get back on the road, while i had a short drive back...He could not have been more thankful either, really said so many people were thankful for us being there, he was sorry for those who were not, but many were. I just couldnt imagine traveling 14 hours and i'm sure a lot of it very dangerous for a one hour meeting. It was a great pick me up, a contrast to a lot of the delays and things going wrong we see every day, this was really a motivating for me.

Still get frustrated about a lot of things here, but this one was really nice to experience...

I'm bracing myself for the Notre Dame Michigan game this weekend...I've gotten a lot of abusive emails, but the skin is pretty thick now...I told my sister somebody is finally going to win this weekend...she said knowing these two teams they'll probably tie..good point, never thought of that...

Starting to get a little cooler here, or less hot I should say...Its another week down, getting a little closer to December..