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Rickpops’s Travel Diary

Friday, 05 Oct 2007

Location: USA


Sorry I havent updated in awhile. Busy with the general back, and kinda hitting the mid deployment blues...I've been here long enough to get beat down, and not close enough to the end to do the happy dance..just languishing in the middle right now.. We went to Daylight Savings Times here, earlier than you guys, kinda wierd even though it is still hot, it feels more like fall because its getting darker earlier at night...wierd how that hits you. It is cooling off a bit, a couple days where we did not hit 100 degrees and had some clouds today..I guess there is a rainy season here, and everything floods because they didnt really plan for that..that should get interesting!

Lots of people leaving this month, which is kinda nice, I'm almost one of the veterans here now, been here over three months... I should be getting my own room closer to work which will be nice...the commute will be 5 minutes instead of the typical 15 minutes, and I'll live close enough that i wont have to wear my armor home which is really great!

I should have the next two saturday/sundays off, for the people doing six months here they give you a four day pass, most guys fly to another base where you can have 3 beers per day, do some shopping, etc. It ends up being about 7 days long with the travel, but i dont really have the time for that and dont want to drag all my crap around for seven days...I can stay in my room here and hit the pool and some of the things i'm not able to do, also watch a little football, and hopefully just relax a bit...

I'm missing the fall, the time change reminds me of that, hope you all are enjoying the leaves changing back home!

Nothing much exciting here, thank you all for packages emails and letters, they really are something to look forward to here...