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Rickpops’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 09 Aug 2012

Location: USA

MapMy supply lines are getting longer....I left the main base in alexandria end of June, established a good base here in Kabul, and now I'm moving on to Camp Leatherneck, in the southern part of Afghanistan. I'm able to keep my room in Kabul, I'll spend about 75% of my time in Camp Leatherneck with the Marines, and 25% of my time in Kabul, and that is a good thing, but its amazing i've got tubes of toothpaste(among other things) now in three locations and its getting a little worrisome trying to keep track of where everything is!

I am excited about the job, i'm the southern afghanistan banking point of contact for Electronic Funds Payment issues, as I described in an earlier posting. The guy who has been here for 2 years is taking care of the northern part of the country, and he's going with me to set me up for a couple days. I'll probably be out of contact for a while, its been difficult getting down there, but i'm looking forward to the change, in some ways.

Marines prefer "austerity" to the things we have here in Kabul, my understanding is they refused to build a 'green bean' which is kinda like a starbucks in these parts, because that was not keeping with their motto. I have a feeling i'll be earning my paycheck, the one nice perk is the British have a base right next to the Marines, its called Bastion and I'm sure if i need a good cup o tea i'll be set, there is a bus that moves between the connected bases.

Hopefully more pictures of my new surroundings and finally a mailing addresss in a few days, i've been hesitant because i knew a move was coming, i just wasnt sure when.

have a great day,