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Rickpops’s Travel Diary

Friday, 14 Dec 2012

Location: USA

MapI have two work locations in Afghanistan, one in the southern region, at Camp Leatherneck surrounded by thousands of Marines, and one in Kabul, the country's capital, on a smaller base. At Camp leatherneck i am the EFT/banking representative for the area, so I work in an office filled with contracting specialist, but i'm the only banking representative. Our main office is in Kabul, and there I have a fellow contractor who runs the office, he was a banker in Iraq, then started working for the US in the EFT assistance center and has continued to do so for nearly five years. We also have four Afghanistan Banking experts, they are "local nationals" citizens of Afghanistan who are trying to earn their VISAs to eventually go to the United States. Its amazing what they have to put up with to come to work every day, but we've gotten to know each other much better over the last six months.

In November, one of the local nationals had his mom prepare us a traditional Afghanistan lunch, which was no easy feat. They did a wonderful job of not only cooking it, but transporting it from their home, to our front gate and then to our office, it really was a difficult evolution. It meant a lot to me, I wanted to return the favor in some small way, so I thought I'd tap in to some of my support staff back in the United States, namely Mom.

She makes some AWESOME sugar cookies at christmas time, i remember helping her as a little kid, they not only look nice and christmas-y, but they taste great as well. Thanks to the US Postal service, the cookies made it in six days, i requested two batches, one sent to Kabul to my co-workers, and one batch to me in Camp Leatherneck. The guys loved the cookies and sent me some photos from Kabul, and after taking my 1/2 of the batch in Camp Leatherneck, I put the half out for the Marines in the office, all gone in under an hour.

I'm not sure if it will bring peace to the Middle East but i know at least some Afghans and a few Marines are very happy with "Ricks Moms Christmas Sugar Cookies". Photos are attached.