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Hayley’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 07 Jul 2007

Location: Sydbey, Australia

MapWell today was a good day, Michaelas Dad took me for a tour on the back of his motorbike!!! I wore leathers -so looked very sexy!! We went through the National Park and I could see all the trees and mountains, it was beauiful. Then we went to Mount Keira to the summit and had a spot of lunch there. There were some fabulous views. Took some pics but I have yet to load them onto the computer. We returned back on the Freeway - it felt like we were going so fast - I had visions of me falling off (sorry Mum) - I can say that now!!!

Saturday night we went out - we went to Gymea for drinks and dinner then to a club called Carmens. Had a great night - laughed loads. Everyone over here seems like such a good dancer - even the men. The music over here is funky electro house. Gonna have to get a cd to take home!!!

Oh thanks everyone for your lovely messages - missing you all loads. Hope you are all well x x x x