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Matty’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 07 Jul 2007

Location: Köln, Germany

MapAmsterdam was pretty awesome. Our hostel smelled like feces in the front hallway and was full of shiftless vagabond stoners. What else do you expect from a city who legalizes the use of such a substance? Otherwise, Amsterdam is a really laid back atmosphere and everyone speaks at least four languages. Except us. Toured the Heineken brewery and went to the Amsterdam dungeon, as well as taking in the city scenery and atmosphere, pretty good stuff. We went over to the red light district a couple of nights ago. It sure is neat to be able to purchase boobs through a red lit window. I know I said I wouldn’t leave anything out, but I suppose Amsterdam invites people to forget a few of their stories. It was great, yada yada yada boobie, and Ryan ended up giving some girl a piggyback ride for about 3 kilometres….in the rain.

So my Mom told me not to go to Luxembourg; she said it wasn’t worth it. I call bullplop. Luxembourg was definitely sweet. The town is built on top of centuries of ruins and a massive system of caves that wind through and under the city. We stayed at an awesome hostel with brand new IKEA furniture throughout. It was cheap, and it did not smell like poo. I’m looking at you, Amsterdam… Check it out if you’re ever in Europe. I’ll be back.

We’re currently in Köln, drinking cheap beer and taking in the sights. We’ll snap some shots of the Cathedral tomorrow for everyone and take it from there. Nothing else to say at the moment. Drop all of us a line. We’ll be in Berlin in two nights. More photos when the other 2 cameras can be plugged in.

By the way, Dave was at the helm for all of those reply posts you all sent.