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Matty’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 14 Jul 2007

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

MapOK then, catch-up time. Dresden first.

Things started off well enough, other than we got lost getting to the hostel. It's not like the packs were heavy or anything. We got a good night's sleep (unlike in Berlin) and had about a day to see the sites.

Neat city, lots of cool blackened buildings from the war. A lot of it was rebuilt in classic style as well, with the exception that it looks real clean. While Ryan did some exploring by himself, Dave and I decided what better time to acquaint ourselves with the roads of Europe than to rent some scooters? The great part: they don't use the same road signs that we do in Canada. At all. I don't know how many laws we broke, but we didn't get caught.

We did, however, have to lie to even get the rental. Our class 5 licenses apparently cover all international rules and vehicles. From now on, you can call Dave "Snake" and me "Easy Rider".

Got into Prague this morning. It's a fascinating city and most of it's old buildings are still in tact. Here's a little Czech history for you all:

Invading Country - "We're invading."
Czech - "That sucks. Is there anything we can do to stop you?"
Invading Country - "Nope."
Czech - "Damn."
Invading Country - "At least this way, we'll leave all your sweet buildings in tact."

I'm pretty sure that's how it went. Go see Prague. All of you. Now.

I'll write some funny stuff later.