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Matty’s Travel Diary

Monday, 23 Jul 2007

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

MapI have decided to become an artist. Yes, that's right. I am going to live in the streets of Ljubljana, peddle my wares and do interpretive dance to a diggery-doo. The great part about this plan is that I definitely won't be the only one. This town is full of them!

Seriously though, we're in Slovenia right now. It's a tiny country, but it has some of the most scenic views we've come across. Very pastoral.

I think I've got whiplash from watching all the girls around this town. Great googly moogly, there is some talent on this side of the world. Unfortunately for us, we seem to have a knack for picking out girls from the lower end of the bell curve.

We (Ryan and I, Dave is being very obedient) were talking with a couple gals the other night from California...let's call them Hootie McTalksalot and Troll. An excerpt from our conversation:

Me - You girls want to sit down and have a drink?
Hootie - Sure. I'm Hootie McTalksalot, and this is my friend troll. Say hello, Troll.
Troll - Grunt
Hootie - I'm going to talk about myself for the next half hour.
Me - I'm going to shoot myself in the face.
Troll - Grunt

I really can't complain about this city. It's great fun. We went to Lake Bled yesterday, caught some sun and swam in crystal blue waters. We even rode on these dangerous downhill scooter thingys. Picture a crappy European luge, with a single seat belt and no helmet, rolling down a railroad tie on a ski hill. Extreme!

Saw some caves today, ate some food, had some laughs. All in a days work. Onto Salzburg tomorrow.

Hvala! (the only Slovene word I know. it means thanks, I think)