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Matty’s Travel Diary

Friday, 10 Aug 2007

Location: Corfu, Greece

MapI've come to realize that the Italian transportation system might not be up to snuff when compared to other European countries. Case in point: my trip from Rome to Corfu. I've been told that the Italians like to strike when they want a day off. Tired of working on a Thursday? A strike will free your Friday right up.

First stop from Rome would be a port city that I'd reach by train. The train was over an hour late. Afterwards, the ferry I needed to catch was sold out and I had to take a later boat. No big deal, I thought. I can live with an 8pm departure. Well, this ferry as well didn't even leave port until about 9:45.

The lateness was definitely not the worst part. I was promised the opportunity to sleep under the stars on the deck of the boat. Cool, I've never done that. Imagine, if you will, going to sleep (or trying to) amidst 300 stinky, loud and drunk Italians on the floor of the concourse in the Saddledome. I woke up sleeping on some cigarette butts, and I pretty sure my sleeping bag is stained beyond repair. I don't even mind that the butts were there, but I'd like to know how they appeared during the night. Why wasn't I awoken if there was a party going on IN my sleeping bag?

Got into Corfu this morning, rocking it on a couple hours of sleep and a sandwich for dinner the previous night. The first thing we get is a shot of Ouzo, which translates into English as "Satan pee in a bottle". Spent most of the day lying on the beach, getting my melanoma up to where it should be. I will be renting an ATV tomorrow to explore the island and impress the locals with my motoring skills.