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Matty’s Travel Diary

Friday, 10 Aug 2007

Location: Corfu

MapOn other thing I thought I should add while I'm on this interneto (that's Italian, Dad). This is the description of a commercial that the three of us saw while still in, uh, Salzburg I think.

Burger King has an Italian sandwich that is flavored with sun-dried tomato sauce. The commercial shows an Italian fellow, taking a bite of said sandwich and proceeding to grab the bum of every woman he sees. He can't control it. He is literally channeling the essance of every Italian skeezball into his thumb and index finger!

Next, a woman eating a similar sandwich proceeds to grab his bum. She holds up the burger, she laughs coyly and they live happily ever after, united by shitty food. The sandwich's name? The Italian Whopper.

I want you to say that name out loud to yourself, right now. Notice any racial slurs in it? Thought you might. What a great marketing campaign! It's too bad the actual burger isn't fit to be eaten by farm animals.

All for now.