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Matty’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 16 Aug 2007

Location: Heraklion, Crete, Greece

MapAnother one while I'm on a roll.

We took a night bus to Athens from Corfu, we being myself and the Canadians I had met, with a couple Scottish girls mixed in. Arrived super early in the morning to be greeted with 35 degree weather. At 8. I am assured that this is normal temperature for this time of year but remain convinced that we somehow decended into the seventh circle of hell overnight.

Athens was great. All the ruins can keep anyone busy for a couple of days, and there are great shops and cafes all over the place. Not much happened in this city of consequence, but I did meet a girl from Calgary as well and spent a day with her walking around.

Two others I met, a girl from Luxembourg and a guy from Germany, accompanied me to Crete on another overnight ferry. This ferry, the one-where-Matt-didn't-quite-want-to-kill-himself, was much better than the last. I slept inside on the floor and failed to find any cigarette butts in my sleeping bag. We have been in Heraklion for a couple of days now. I spend most of my time lying on the beach and wandering around.

Saw the Minoan ruins today, ate some great Greek dishes for lunch and rented a couple of scooters to explore the island. They tell me this is the largest Greek island. I am from Canada. My interpretation of large is much different from a Greek's. I laugh in the face of your "large" island. Haha! We rode from the north coast to the south in just a couple hours, with many stops along the way. The great part about these scooters is that they have no governor switch. As fast as you want to go, have at er! Well, my top speed was just under 100 Km/h. I am now the reincarnation of Michael Schumacher.

We returned back to Heraklion without incident (you can breathe now, Mom) where Nora and Ben caught a ferry back to the mainland. I am catching the bus to Rethymnos tomorrow, along the coast, and will ferry myself out to Santorini on Sunday morning. No complaints so far; I am having a blast. I will do my best to post more often, but a guy can only do so much.

Later Playas.