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Matty’s Travel Diary

Friday, 24 Aug 2007

Location: Santorini and Crete, Greece

MapI'm playing catch-up again with the places I've been to. I'm also not feeling particularly creative at the moment, so I'll be brief.

Took a ferry from Athens to Crete, maybe 10 days ago, with a couple of people I met at the hostel. We landed in the city of Heraklion where I proceeded to sleep on the ground beside a bench for a few hours. Finding accomodations is hard at 5am. I don't even want to think about what I was lying in.

We spent a couple days in that town, bumming around on the beach and eating Gyros. Gyros are like doner kebaps, except instead of lettuce they put fries inside the pita. Unorthodox, but you know what? That's how revolutions are started, dammit.

Grabbed a bus west towards the city of Rethymno, and stayed at a hostel where I slept on the roof. Yep. Fifteen of my closest friends and I, enjoying the stars. I did even more lounging on the beach, with gyros mixed in, and met a couple of cool people to hang out with. Our plans to see the Samaria Gorge one day were dashed by a wicked hangover. Apparently McDonald's sells booze here. Apparently I don't know when to say no. I was told a quote by Dave, as he was told by someone else. Quitting, as he was told, is for quitters. I'm no quitter.

After a few days there, I went north to Santorini. Santorini is the island you see on postcards whenever someone mentions Greece. I will say that this part of the trip was one of my favorites. I had some great company from a couple Aussies and some Brazilians, drank more wine than is reasonable or healthy, and soaked in as much of the atmosphere I could in two nights.

Up until now, showing up at a hostel out of the blue has worked out fairly well. No reservations, no headaches. There have been a couple of close calls where I would've been sleeping on the beach, but I always seem to narrowly avoid disaster. Plus, I usually ended up sleeping on the beach anyways. Wherever you fall down is OK, but the beaches have free chairs.

I'm in Thessaloniki right now, and will go over to the train station tomorrow to find out where I'm going. I have no set plan, and I'm going to see what's available when I arrive. I might end up in Croatia, I might end up in Serbia. I have no clue, but I'll be in touch.

Send me some messages. I like to feel important.