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Matty’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Aug 2007

Location: The whole country, Greece

MapThe theory I have come up with regarding the Greeks is that if you don't expect much, you generally won't be let down. Do not expect simple directions, common sense or even polite hand gestures. Do expect to be yelled at. If it doesn't happen, bonus. But it probably will.

The Greeks have what seems to be a country wide custom of yelling at everything and everyone. This morning alone I've seen people yelling at pigeons, dogs, cars, dogs in cars, other people and myself. Why is an entire race of people so pissed off? It all seems so unprovoked.

A guy a couple of days ago at the train station was so worked up yelling at the ticket window that he had tears forming in his eyes. He rambled on in his gibberish language (it's all Greek to me, duh) and pounded his fists on the window. I think he was upset about getting an aisle seat or something, but I didn't ask because I think he would have punched Jesus at this point.

This happens every day! If anyone knows what their deal is, or why Greece decided to become the Land That Common Politeness Forgot, let me know. I'm going to see if I can get video of a Greek freaking out today.