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Matty’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Sep 2007

Location: I Amsterdam., Netherlands

MapJust catching up with a couple of notes about the fine city of Amsterdam. I spent two days here while waiting to catch a flight home from London.

I met four pretty cool British guys who were just starting a vacation throughout Europe, whereas I was just finishing my own. I decided that I would have to finish my time overseas in style. These are those kinds of famous last words that usually bite me in the ass.

I finally got to go to a European soccer game with my newfound friends. The local team, Ajax Amsterdam, has a massive stadium that fits just under 50 000 people. I am impressed, and I do not impress easily. Watching the intensity of the local fans, the matching intensity of the rival ones (who were sequestered in a caged off section), was really cool. If I only knew what they were saying...

The game ended up tied, with the visiting team being quite happy. Apparently they suck. Well, the local fans did not like this performance, and proceeded to riot just outside of the stadium. Have you ever seen the Dutch riot squad charge at thousands of drunk football fans? I'm proud to say that I'm part of that select group that has. I then wet myself.

That night we stumbled onto a pub crawl covering seven bars. I was told not to expect going home until morning. Sweet.

The talent on this particular pub crawl was less than satisfactory. I'm pissed off, but not to be discouraged. I can make my own fun with these folks.

I meet two Irish girls. They look a little new at this whole drinking thing despite being Irish, but I decide to have some fun with them. They ask where I've been on my trip so far. "Everywhere except Ireland", I reply. They ask me why not, shocked. I tell them "It's not even a real country anyway."

Apparently Irish girls are patriotic. I got slapped twice at the same time, hard, and I could see the fires of those Emerald Isles burning in those eyes. They were pissy anyways.

Since I'm already acting like a dick, I figure I might as well keep the ball rolling. One girl is fairly tipsy, and dancing accordingly. She has barely any balance at this point, on top of probably not being the most coordinated person to begin with. Well, she falls over and smacks her head against the wall, before falling onto her ass. Would you help this girl up? Probably. I decided to point and laugh at her. Strike two with the ladies.

I had one girl convinced that I live in an igloo. Not a proper one, mind you, but a two story snow building with central heating. Europeans are apparently gullible as well as being ugly.

I stumble home with a couple of friends early in the morning, in the pouring rain. We got lost (obviously), and I would have been better served just to jump in a canal. My clothes did not dry for three days. I did get some stories from the pub crawl, a wicked hangover, and a free shower. It was a pretty fun night.